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Post #1 Subject: Level up payout?
Posted at: 05:54:59 27/07/19 [Quote]
Beret [2567]

Level: 168
Posts: 13
How do i level up my real estate company so I get a larger payout each day?
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Post #2 Subject: Re: Level up payout?
Posted at: 01:43:47 28/07/19 [Quote]
Cyclops_O_ [12353]

Level: 2,182
Posts: 303
If you want more money from your company then you need more employees . You can spend the money to expand your company to be able to hire more employees . But that's a problem right now since there are very few new players joining the game .
Right now the biggest money making things are bank interest and the daily company robberies . And the best companies to rob are one's with lots of employees and a player owner who's been inactive for a long time so there's lots of money built up in their company vault because the owner hasn't withdrawn any of it .
Remember if you go to rob a company and it says "your timing is off" then just keep trying again till you eventually get it robbed .

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