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Post #1 Subject: People helping others
Posted at: 15:55:37 25/04/13 [Quote]
Jimmy2Phones [27384]

Level: 515
Posts: 19
I m all for helping players as I was helped when I started here. I help players on every game I play but what I am kinda finding hard is players a few weeks old being in mothership landing. Not renting it but OWNING it!! What sorta chance does a normal guy stand?? I do not have any friends here that will give me 60 trillion or whatever the silly price is. That property is so out of my reach it is ridiculous. I have donated and put hours into this game and I have the prop I am in and 20trill!! It is killing the balance of the game. Just cos someone has friends here that shouldn't mean they get EVERYTHING handed to them. Like I said, help noobs but please all you filthy rich players, realise some of us will never, ever afford that property. Thanks, moan over lol
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Post #2 Subject: Re: People helping others
Posted at: 18:01:55 29/04/13 [Quote]
Victim [49066]

Level: 705
Posts: 43
if you have any PP1"s left let me know. ill pay 800bill for one.
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