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Post #1 Subject: telling om about them robbing me
Posted at: 01:51:17 14/12/12 [Quote]
Jimmy2Phones [27384]

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I have seen in the forums and through speaking to people that several people seem to have used onebip. Word of warning, DON'T. I warned pomo when I saw the option here after signing up but they are thieving scammers. I had used them (not here) a few times without a hitch then one day I decided to donate to a game using them again. I chose the £15 option and then checked my onebip account and it was on there. I wanted to check to make sure. I then went back to the game to cash it in (it was one of those where you get credits in game to buy from shop) but it said I had nothing on account. I then logged back into onebip to find it said I had nothing yet only a minute before I deposited £15 and it even showed up on the screen. I checked history and that was blank. I tried contacting these scammers to be told that there had been no activity on my account ever since being set up. Weird as I had just done it! I had an I going debate with these buffoons for them to tell me I had no leg to stand on as my account history wad showing no activity whatsoever. That is not the best ir I should say worst bit, oh no just wait for this. When I received my contract mobile phone bill through those fools had charged me a total of £30. Yes £30 god damned it. So then ensued a debate with my network provider. They said I had to pay I said no way. Well not ad polite as that but I will keep it clean for here. Obviously my refusal to pay ended up in me being cut off. I told them I would pay the rest of the bill minus that charge from those imbeciles. you may be thinking that I am probably just unlucky but i know of lots of people who have had exactly the same happen to them. As i said there was no problem for the first few times then BAM. I did advise Pomo of the problems i had. I know it is upto the main man but personally if it was my game i would have nothing to do with blatant rip off merchants like them. It is obviously entirely up to each and every one of you if you use them i just wanted you to be aware.obviously my refusal to pay the total bill has ended up with me having bailiffs after me. I would of paid for the rest of the bill but they can go to hell. Anyway peace out. Sorry for long message
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